Time to reflect

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We’re well and truly into the Summer season and it’s a good time to reflect on the year so far. What did we do well? What needs improving? And, where are we heading? For Hart In Media, it’s very much been a year of growth. Growing our client-base, growing our brand, discovering what makes us

Do YOU? Everyone else is taken!

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This month, London celebrated Pride with its’ iconic parade and, after a night out with a friend, I found myself waiting for the train at Euston with ‘Mary-Jane’ (not her real name). It’s not the first time I’ve befriended someone of transgender and, given stigmas in society that the LGBT community still face, I was

Why video is the quickest way to engage an audience

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Video is the quickest way to engage an audience because videos make great storytellers. We love stories because we are social creatures and we relate to other people. Being vulnerable and sharing your story encourages others to open up and be vulnerable too, which in turn builds deeper, more meaningful relationships. The pathway to

Why ‘Show and Tell’ can authentically help you reach your goals

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Why 'show and tell' can authentically help you reach your goals and objectives We all remember show and tell, right? Growing up at school, we had to stand up in front of our class and share something with our peers about our summer break. Show and tell is a common expression about showing an

How to appeal to the senses and attract your ideal client using video

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Despite the April showers (and we’ve had more than our fair share lately), the season of Spring also invites a wave of fresh new sights and smells as nature awakens from a winter-long hibernation. We use our five senses every day without even thinking about it. We learn through our senses as they create

How does mindful storytelling help to build more meaningful relationships?

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Last month’s theme of emotional intelligence continues into ‘Mindful March’. Reaching your audience is all about creating a relationship, yet with increased use of social media marketing over face-to-face interaction, stakeholders need to be able to identify with you. Specifications and a recitation of facts won’t help your audience care, an emotional connection will.

Emotional intelligence in Business: What’s the connection?

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With February's arrival of the date most associated with love – Valentine’s Day, this month’s blog topic is inspired by an event I attended recently about, ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’, which focussed on workplace engagement and emotional intelligence. While some regard Valentine's Day as a “Hallmark holiday,” it can be a good reminder that

New Year, New You! Why should you kick start 2018 with video?

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Happy New Year to you! With the New Year upon us, many of you will have made resolutions to shape the new you. That might mean to eat more healthily, to exercise more, to show more love and gratitude; but what about your business?What new marketing strategies will you put in place and why you

Why having a video marketing strategy is vital

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It's well-known that people respond better to video than online text and, with more and more businesses looking to integrate video into their marketing strategy, I thought it might be useful to share what I’ve learned when working with clients who are new to video : Those new to video often take a prescriptive

Why brands should integrate the cinemagraph into their marketing strategy

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A new video marketing format is born! Have you heard of the cinemagraph? The word "cinemagraph" stands for part cinema (moving image) and part photograph (static image). They are effectively, still images with seamless movement loops! This merging of static and moving image sparks interest and deeper investigation by the viewer, making them easy to