Emotional Acceptance Coaching with Victoria will give your leaders and employees a better understanding of how to translate your business objectives into purpose-driven stories that create impact.

Many of our clients have contributors and stakeholders whose stories are emotionally and psychologically painful. Victoria helps them tell these stories using Emotional Acceptance techniques before assessing whether their content should be adapted for animated storytelling.

And, having a social responsibility to your employees will help them to release emotional or psychological stories they tell themselves as well as embed the businesses purpose and values into their mindset to ensure a healthier, happier and engaged workforce that drives sustainable performance and productivity.

Or, you might be an individual simply looking for better work/life support. Either way, Victoria can help you lose the baggage and conquer self.


Hands holding a heart

What I Do

I help people let go of the painful emotional and psychological stories so that they can start following their heart and living out their heart’s desire.

Did you know the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart? These heart signals have a significant effect on brain function by influencing our emotional processing as well as our ability to access higher intelligence. In other words, not only does the heart respond to the brain, the brain continuously responds to the heart.

Learning to trust your heart will free you from emotional and psychological blockages helping you to become more grounded, balanced and divinely inspired.

Learn to access your heart’s intelligence and become the very best version of yourself.

Benefits of Emotional Acceptance Coaching

  • Proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security.
  • Improves attention, perception, memory, and problem solving.
  • Allows you to feel light, present, at ease with clarity of mind, capable and above all, HAPPY!

How I work

Individual Emotional Acceptance Coaching will inspire you to move forward with heart-based intention.

I will share practical strategies and science-based tools to help you access your heart’s intelligence.

This involves a series of confidential calls where, over an agreed period of time, we will unlock the blocks inside your heart to move from dis-ease to ease with new perspectives and skills that create harmony between heart, mind and emotions.

By accessing your higher intelligence, you will notice improved health, productivity and quality of life and become a catalyst for co-creating a more heart-connected humanity.

The client’s work consists of:

  • Practice, patience and dedication to taking charge of your own healing process.
  • Finding the courage to face past inner-traumas and/or self-limiting beliefs locked into the physical and/or subtle body or energy field.
  • Becoming an observer, understanding that the issue is separate from you and is now in an energetic form, thus is no longer a physical reality.
  • Realising and accepting that it is within your power to release or change it!
  • Physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual awareness.

The Outcome

  • Be deeply patient – With yourself – With others – With life.
  • Be able to laugh easily and authentically.
  • Be kind to the world.
  • Be fully present.
  • Be passionately living your heart’s desire.

My Story

I was born with a passionate love for humanity. Human uniqueness and cultural diversity fascinate me and this naturally called me to travel. I have travelled to many different countries including Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Egypt and have produced social, environmental and cultural films in India, Myanmar, USA as well as lived abroad.

As my self-awareness was developing, I have been blessed to encounter many exceptional healers and teachers who enriched my inner and outer life as well as my competencies as a healing facilitator. My own personal challenges had come to a peak – PTSD trauma following my mum’s sudden departure from our family and the subsequent low self-esteem and difficulties in relationships – I began to perceive my life and my work differently and as I discovered the deeper layers of myself, this had great impact on my work as an educator.

Through my media work, telling real stories, I naturally use my gift to give a voice to those less heard through engaged listening and validation of their experiences, providing a safe and non-judgemental creative process for those stories to be shared.

It was my intense desire to heal which catalysed a deep process of personal transformation. For over 10 years, I intensely worked on myself, sensing subtle energies and discovering the intuitive empath inside of me so that I could become a clear instrument in assisting the untapped intelligence of my clients’ hearts.

I am an empath, a heart healer, a teacher and a leader. I use the tools, skills and experiences I have acquired throughout my life and teach others ways to heal. I believe that in order to live your best life as the best version of yourself, you need to access your heart’s intuition.

I am dedicated to sharing my years of experience along with the gifts and wisdom I received from all who have touched my life. I firmly believe that the challenges we go through in our life, make us stronger and will make our spirit shine brighter if we choose to heal our hearts and let go.

*Disclaimer: I am an Emotional Acceptance coach, I am not a licensed medical or mental health practitioner. I am offering a supplementary service, I do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment and this work does not replace professional medical recommendations or treatment.