Choose a Media Content Strategy package below to suit your business and budget. A Strategy Consultation with Victoria and get a better understanding of how to translate your business objectives into visually engaging stories that create impact.

Contact us if you have your own bespoke package that your would like to talk to us about.

Strategic Planning


  • 1 hour
  • Overall Vision
  • Explore what your media content will accomplish
  • Why your brand exists?
  • What type of video content will you make?
  • Who you’re making the content for?
  • What your audience should takeaway from your content?


  • Half Day
  • Deep Dive
  • A documented outline of what your media content will accomplish
  • The types of content you plan to create
  • Style and Tone
  • Key Messaging
  • How that content will reach your audience


  • Let’s Talk
  • The Big Picture
  • Annual Content & Publishing Strategy
  • Define Your Stories
  • Strategise your Video Structure
  • Define your distribution outlets
  • Plan & Shoot your media content
  • Know your publishing schedule
  • Launch your video series