Please find a list below of the questions we most frequently get asked. They will help you understand the process and methods we use to create the perfect short films for you and your organisation.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

It all depends on the complexity of your brief! Essentially, a short film will cost as much or as little as you want, because you set the budget. And that will be determined by the content you need to achieve the goals you’re aiming for.

The first step is to compile THE BRIEF. This helps us empower you to make your audience care about what you do and make the most of our content. Keep it short, but identify the following:

Think about complementing your main film with Social Media Teasers to entice an audience and encourage them to find out more.

Some clients will have a clear idea of what they want but more often than not they simply want to promote themselves and are unsure as to how. This is normal and an enjoyable part of our service is to come up with concept ideas for you. Following an initial meeting, we would present you with an estimate to include a couple of concepts we feel will capture the very essence of your organisation, so you can choose a concept that you are happy with. We can also write a script, if required. (See our Work for inspiration)
We are very happy to work to your specific requirements. This is your promotional film and we want to provide you with the best possible service and the best quality product at the end. We will always use our insight and nurture you throughout the while process so that your finished film is one you love.
Animated explainers or promotional films for your website provide a cost-effective solution to explaining who you are, what you do and why you do it. They drive traffic to your homepage and create a strong first impression. If you don’t already have one and can only afford to invest in a single film, this is the sort we recommend.

Also very effective are branded content – these help viewers better understand the product or service you provide. This can be a fun animation to communicate via your social media network or real life actuality where we delve deeper into your brand values, products or service. We will work with you to create genuine, long-term meaningful content that makes people care about what you do.

Or, have you thought about a mini documentary series for your YouTube Channel? We can help you to produce compelling documentaries – telling real stories CAN make a difference to your organisation! What case studies do you have?

Because trust is so important, testimonial and case study videos are also popular. Or you might consider company profiles of your founder or your key staff. (Take a look at some of our award-winning Work for inspiration)

This will depend on a variety of factors – such as how detailed your requirements are, how many locations you want to show, how long you want the final film to be, whether you require actors, or a presenter and more. Generally, we will film in one or two locations and can usually deliver within 4-6 weeks after the shoot, or if it is animation, we can usually turn this around from script to delivery within 4-5 weeks.
Having your own promotional film gives you a versatile and powerful marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways to promote your organisation and services, with the potential to reach a vast amount of people.

It could be featured on your website which you could complement with short Teasers to spread the word via social network sites such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. More and more people are looking would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it. We will even host your film or animation on our own website and YouTube channel at no extra cost. You could use your film to showcase in your reception area, or email them as part of virtual mail outs as well as share them with potential or existing clients.

Your media content can keep new customers interested by showing why you do what you do and how you do it, keeping existing customers up to date as well as showing what new services and offers are coming up.

There’s also scope for TV Advertising, which doesn’t have to be expensive and can make a fantastic addition to this feature, giving your organisation an extra boost in credibility. Our background in television enables us to offer a bespoke service at competitive prices.

Having a strategy is key before diving feet-first into your first film or animation. Why not book one of our Strategy Consultation Packages to get a better understanding of how to translate your objectives into visually engaging stories that create impact.
Air Balloon in the sky
Air Balloon in the sky
Yes, that’s no problem. Creative arts and animation allow viewers the opportunity to see with a new perspective, introduce the culture of your organisation and make dreams tangible, helping you to communicate in exciting and engaging ways. Our animation and motion graphics guru Miguel Letang can create anything you want. Have a look at his animation and motion graphics showreel, and gather inspiration from our Work.
A green screen or blue screen is a single-colour backdrop for filming in front of. This backdrop can then be easily replaced in post-production with just about anything. Want your presenter to dance on the moon? No problem! We just film them in front of our green screen, take a separate shot of the moon and then combine the two in the edit suite. One click makes the green disappear leaving us with a ‘cut-out’ of the presenter who we can stand on the moon. In fact we can put that cut-out presenter anywhere you can imagine! See our example motion graphics video above.
Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras have revolutionised the way film is captured by enabling the affordable capture of full HD (High-Definition) video using the extensive variety of lenses available for such cameras. This in turn enables filming in low light, or from longer ranges and generally produces sharper and more varied shots. Another advantage is the solid state of the SD cards used to store the footage, which are more stable and secure than their tape based counterparts.
As long as it’s your organisation, product, concept or logo you want us to feature, there is no problem here.

With music soundtrack’s, we tend to use non-mainstream artists who charge a small fee to licence the music, which we would factor this into any quotes we do for you. When wishing to use mainstream music, the price of the licenses increase dramatically and they are often limited to a year’s use, so do bear this in mind when making your choice of track/s.

We can output your video into almost any format you might require and using most mediums. Generally an MP4 is perfect for use on your Website and Social Media Channels.
This comes up a lot, and to a degree, you’d be right. A D-I-Y video is obviously going to be a cheap option – but it may not be the right one. If it looks amateurish, then so will your organisation. However, if you have done your own filming and it’s turned out well, we’ll be happy to edit it together for you, and tweak it to look as good as possible.
Natural storytellers, we show real insight through intimate visual imagery and compelling dialogue to capture the very essence of your organisation. We nurture you throughout the whole creative process and empower you to make your audience care about what you do.

We create value by giving ethical client-focused organisations, genuine long-term meaningful content that is of television quality for a digital audience.

We are passionate about what we do, producing award-winning work that helps shape a new generation of people who make conscious choices.