We’re well and truly into the Summer season and it’s a good time to reflect on the year so far. What did we do well? What needs improving? And, where are we heading?

For Hart In Media, it’s very much been a year of growth. Growing our client-base, growing our brand, discovering what makes us different and how to put that into practice.

What did we do well?

The year kicked off with us producing an animated explainer for a small team of financial investors. We worked seamlessly with their brand strategist to create an engaging and compelling video that was to be the focal point of a new website and, what stood out for us was their approach – investing in dreams, not numbers! The finished product “really brought the company’s personality and ethos to life”.

We followed that up with a short film for our local Parkinson’s group ‘Living With Parkinson’s Disease’. The lead-time was tight in order to deliver in time for #WorldParkinsonsDay though with the collaborative support from the local group, featuring one of their beneficiaries, we delivered an “excellent video – spot on with the right balance of the difficulties that people with Parkinson’s face and the importance of having support and being part of a group”. The film was officially selected and awarded at Watford Short Film Festival which, not only delights us, but which we hope will raise awareness and help others better understand the condition that my grandpa suffered with for many years.

A tender won to produce a short film series for one of the NHS Paediatric Diabetes Teams was completed during the first part of this year, and the team were “super-happy” with the results. One of the short films highlights the teams’ innovative idea to bring the clinic to the school; an effort to combat issues around children missing valuable school time, as well as helping to empower children and young people to better manage their condition with support from their school and their peers. The team will be using the film in their entry for a Best Practice Dissemination and Sustainability Award.

Telling stories that make a difference is what drives us, and the first half of the year finished with an “incredible film” to show how supporter donations can make a really big difference to orphaned, poor and disabled children. Founder, Laura said, “The overwhelming feeling everyone experiences watching this film is joy, so thank you!

We’re really proud of our achievements so far this year.

What needs improving?

We understand that clients, particularly those who may have no experience creating video, also need time to reflect. Before jumping feet-first into video, it’s a good time to reflect on why you do what you do, who you’re making the content for and what your audience should takeaway from your content.

Having a video content strategy in place is key to helping you achieve overall vision – You can’t blame a great video for not performing well if you only share it once!

Where are we heading?

Taking time to reflect has helped us understand what makes us different and to set a new intention: to be the preferred video partner for ethical client-focussed organisations. We will use our insight to capture the essence of your organisation. We will nurture you throughout the creative process. We will empower you to make your audience care about what you do.

Take some time to reflect and then get in touch to find out how we can create insightful films for your organisation.