Why ‘Show and Tell’ can authentically help you reach your goals

Why ‘show and tell‘ can authentically help you reach your goals and objectives

We all remember show and tell, right? Growing up at school, we had to stand up in front of our class and share something with our peers about our summer break.

Show and tell is a common expression about showing an audience something and telling them about it.

When it comes to demonstrating your organisation’s passion and expertise, show me, don’t tell me. Sharing your story through video has the power to move your customers, to create an honest connection so they feel like they know you before they walk through the door.

Using the show and tell model across your social network creates authentic customer relationships and offers a regular opportunity that allows you to celebrate your work and talk about what you’ve learned. It’s also a chance to:

  • Bring the team together and give people a glimpse behind the scenes by creating ‘A Day in the Life’ video
  • Help stakeholders and others bond with the team by sharing success and improving collaboration
  • Let prospects and customers understand what you do and how you do it, as well as helping you stay connected
  • Tell stakeholders what you’ve been doing and how your work was received through client case studies and testimonials

This approach encourages transparency and trust and humanises your work! When you talk about what you’ve learned and show your work, you’re able to see what works and fast track your goals and objectives.

Show and tells are about showing the work you have done, solicit feedback, and create more authentic, longer lasting customer relationships.

If you’re considering integrating video or animation in to your marketing strategy, book a meeting with us today and let’s talk about showing the world what you do and how you do it!

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