In our last blog, we talked about how being purpose-driven has a positive effect on our business and our stakeholders. This month, we will share how aligning our company culture will in turn raise our visibility within our communities.

It all starts internally, by taking responsibility for our own lives and becoming aware of our behaviours. How can we expect to be a responsible leader if we give our power away to external circumstances? And by that I mean, blaming our environments for the way things are.

Our environments do not shape who we are. Our thoughts, feelings and actions shape our experiences. And, we cannot label someone by his or her behaviour, because their behaviour is a reaction to their feeling about the experience. It means that something is going in internally which needs to be resolved for us to act in a socially responsible and authentic manner.

When we are stressed at work and struggling to deal with the pressures of work and home life, if we don’t deal with the emotion, the problem usually gets worse. Over the years we have been taught not to talk about our feelings, to suppress or distract ourselves from them, but these tactics are a recipe for disaster. The more we push away, distract or suppress our emotions, the bigger the explosion at a later date. Along with feelings of regret or guilt associated with the poor person who was on the receiving end! If we do this for long periods of time, eventually we live only in our heads, our rational mind dictates the story and we start to disconnect from our bodies. Often the story we tell ourselves is untrue or exaggerated, yet we fail to realise because the story is preventing us from taking a step in the right direction.

When we drive profit over purpose, our values often take a back seat. A stressed worker who doesn’t feel valued is an unhappy worker, so the first step to do more is to support our employees emotionally and mentally, going over and above up-skilling. Our personal and company values will then support our visibility within our communities.

This is why we have recently launched a coaching service for businesses and individuals. Through our media work, we have found that many of our clients have contributors and stakeholders whose stories are emotionally and psychologically painful. We help them tell these stories using Emotional Acceptance techniques before assessing whether their content should be adapted for animated storytelling.

Our coaching service will also give your leaders and employees a better understanding of how to translate your business objectives into purpose-driven stories that create impact. Or, you might be an individual simply looking for better work/life support. Either way, our service can help you lose the baggage and conquer self.

Having a social responsibility to your employees will help them to release the emotional or psychological stories they tell themselves as well as embed theirs and the business’ purpose and values into their mindset to ensure a healthier, happier and engaged workforce that drives sustainable performance and productivity.

A favourite quote of mine goes like this:

CFO asks the CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing people & they leave?” CEO replies, “What happens if we don’t & they stay?”

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that it costs more to recruit and train new employees than it does to retain existing staff. And, team members who are committed, productive and HAPPY are more likely to talk proudly about the company they work for rather than go home and moan about it!

To experience the power of Emotional Acceptance Coaching for yourself or your team, get in touch for a FREE gift session today.

By constantly learning, sharing and telling our stories of the positive impact business can have we will fully mobilise the power of our network and create a virtuous circle to benefit all stakeholders.

We look forward to serving you so that you can better serve yourself, your organisation and your community.


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