Last month, we discussed why social responsibility matters, and this received a great response from readers. Today, we will look at how being purpose-driven has a positive effect on our business and our stakeholders.

So, why should our business do more to support the community around us? In the same way that none of us are an island, no business succeeds in a vacuum. Each is a vital part of an intricate ecosystem.

In the current uncertain and ever-changing political and economic landscape, where people have less faith in the institutions that have traditionally held society together, there is an even greater expectation on business and its leaders. Expectations are high – but the need to act is clearly even greater. Why shouldn’t being a purpose-driven business be at the heart of our organisation and embedded into our company culture?

Human rights play a huge part in our success
• We have a duty to meet the needs of the present without compromising the sustainability of future generations
• To be productive we need to ensure the long-term health & wellbeing of our employees
Diversity & inclusion create a sense of belonging and employees are more likely to feel heard, valued and contribute to the success of our business

If we embed purpose and value into our business and media content strategies we will move from a ‘do-less-harm’ approach to one where we are a genuine force for positive change.

Benefits of being a purpose-driven business

• Increased trust in business and enhanced belief in the potential for business to be a force for good.
• Improve customer loyalty, ensuring and increasing brand value.
• Creating competitive advantages, meeting changing customer needs, and attracting, retaining and developing the best talent.
• Well-informed decision-making and confidence in leaders contribute to economic sustainability.
• Products and services that deliver social and environmental value create economic growth.

Businesses that make conscious informed choices while being transparent and accountable to stakeholders, co-create new solutions that generate commercial success, develop a better relationship and more trust between businesses and society.

Overall, a healthier, happier and engaged workforce that drives sustainable performance and productivity benefits employers, employees, and customers and makes communities more resilient.

In our next blog we will look at what our businesses could do to be more visible in supporting our communities.

If you’re looking to put purpose at the heart of your organisations’ media strategy, we pioneer challenging and emotional social and ethical stories using film, animation and puppetry arts, as well as content strategy and coaching, so do get in touch.


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