Why seeking our purpose reveals true success

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In previous blogs I’ve talked about aligning our company purpose but today I want to share why it’s more important to seek our purpose in order to discover true success. In doing so we can really live our life to its fullest. Many of us will go to our grave without ever really knowing our

Why it’s more important than ever to take responsibility for ourselves

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A huge fan of the great David Attenborough, I had a dream to be a documentary filmmaker as, like him, I believe we have a social responsibility to our planet and all life on it. He tackles the natural world and I am fascinated by the human condition. My love of the arts gave me an

Animation is the answer!

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Today we will focus on why animation is the answer to a variety of social ethical communication opportunities and problems. Storytelling using animation sets you apart when contemplating topical social responsibility themes that focus on value, experience and sustainability. Animation is a great way to demonstrate what your organisation stands for and start relating to

How aligning company culture will support our communities

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In our last blog, we talked about how being purpose-driven has a positive effect on our business and our stakeholders. This month, we will share how aligning our company culture will in turn raise our visibility within our communities. It all starts internally, by taking responsibility for our own lives and becoming aware of our

How purpose has a positive effect on our business

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Last month, we discussed why social responsibility matters, and this received a great response from readers. Today, we will look at how being purpose-driven has a positive effect on our business and our stakeholders. So, why should our business do more to support the community around us? In the same way that none of us

Following your Heart in Life and Business

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Several years ago, I was invited to apply to become one of the Celebrity Producers on ITV’s This Morning. It was truly an amazing opportunity and a dream to work with a fantastic team and, the tempting glitz of TV glamour it would bring, also sparked appeal. At the time, I was also lucky to