Today we will focus on why animation is the answer to a variety of social ethical communication opportunities and problems.

Storytelling using animation sets you apart when contemplating topical social responsibility themes that focus on value, experience and sustainability. Animation is a great way to demonstrate what your organisation stands for and start relating to the causes your consumers and stakeholders care about.

Animation is attractive, vibrant and informative. It has the power to reflect the human condition through storytelling that is authentic to those who share their experiences.  Getting to know real people and hear their perspective enables us to produce character-driven stories that create a genuine emotional experience that is relevant and credible. Animation enables us to connect on an emotional level by creating scenarios and environments that might be harder to produce with real people.

We believe that social investment is becoming increasingly important to businesses and is more than ticking boxes. Those who demonstrate their interest and care in its community are the ones who will have long-term sustainability and loyal stakeholders.

What makes us different to your usual corporate film and animation agencies, is that we pioneer challenging social ethical storytelling.

We work with you to develop your content strategy to get a better understanding of how to translate your business objectives into visually engaging stories that create impact. Through creative use of short film and animation, we focus on narrative that is character-driven to create a genuine and relevant emotional outcome. Our content is suitable for use on your website and across your social network or for internal communications.

Many of our clients have contributors and stakeholders whose stories are emotionally and psychologically painful. We help them tell these stories using Emotional Acceptance coaching techniques before assessing whether their content should be adapted for animated storytelling.

Some topical issues for short film and animation are:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: we produced a promotional film for LGBT in Facilities Management
  • We’ve worked with survivors of human trafficking & child sexual exploitation, using puppetry arts to communicate historic events
  • Sustainability: we’ve tackled electronic waste and sustainable consumption via a feature film for Nokia India
  • Health & wellbeing: we have worked with various clients around this topic, from physical to mental wellbeing
  • Personal development: our founder Victoria is an Emotional Acceptance Coach
  • Marketing & Training resources for clients in education and executive leadership

How do we do it?

We create content that engages, enlightens, educates, entertains and elicits the right response. We use our insight to capture the very heart in your organisation. We nurture you throughout the process to ensure we take that essence into production. We empower you to make your audience care about what you do and make the most of our content. We create character-driven stories to initiate a genuine emotional experience that is both relevant and credible. We deliver stories with strong narrative appeal, concise messaging and clear calls to action, helping to shape a new generation of people who make conscious informed choices.

How can animation support your communication needs?

Animation allows us to expand viewers minds and their capacity to digest key messages, particularly when addressing challenging issues. It is constantly evolving with new technological developments and emerging talent which provides opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Viewers retain more of what they see than what they read and hear. Moving image and strong narrative appeal increases understanding by 75%.

What can we help you with next?

Drop us a line for more information on Supported Story Exploration (Coaching), Deep Dive Strategy and Animated Stories and let us capture the heart in your organisation and make people care about what you do.

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