Today I want to share why putting social giving at the heart of your organisation is good for business, not just for Christmas.

The gift of giving is more than an obligation. It’s an emotion. It’s an opportunity to show someone that they are valued and in return, you feel valued. When your business values social giving, your business is valued. People start to see you active in the community, supporting issues and causes you care about and ultimately building trust and growth in your relationships.

It’s not about waiting for someone, somewhere to somehow fix the problem, but stepping up and participating in your local community. The knock-on effect is truly amazing as it expands both yours and your organisations awareness.

Participating and being one of the leaders in a leaderless networking group, Link4Growth, has shown me how we can all come together and support each other, be it through sharing skills or learning sessions and being supportive and encouraging. In doing so, we are more present and attract like-minded people and, at the same time, strengthen our relationships.

With this in mind, one of the causes close to my heart this season, is helping the homeless. I have seen an increase of homeless people in my local area and don’t believe anyone deserves to be homeless. Whatever the reason for becoming homeless, we all have something to offer the world and we all need a little help here and there to pick ourselves back up and find our purpose.

I might not be so aware had I not been involved with Link4Growth and community projects, such as One Vision, where I’ve met 3 amazing new friends who have come together to build the Homeless Warriors. Their ethos is to be fully inclusive of everyone, show compassion and kindness to all, non-judgemental, provide food/clothing and advice free for those who need it. This is the real gift of giving, being present (not simply giving presents) and giving of your self, your time, your care and consideration.

Why put social giving at the heart of your organisation? Because the transformation you will see in your business is invaluable.

If you or your business would like a good cause to support this season, please take some to read their story and help them to reach their target!