We are delighted to announce that Amazon have acquired our independent documentary film, Magic In Our Hands, which is now available on their Video Platform both in the UK and internationally.

This was a collaboration with Professor Claudia Orenstein from Hunter College, New York. Claudia was interested in exploring women in Indian puppetry and we were looking to explore how creative arts can create impact when addressing sensitive social and environmental issues.

Padmini Rangarajan from Sphoorthi Theatre stood out for us with her bubbly personality as well as her curiosity and dedication to this field when tackling real issues.


The film follows Sphoorthi Theatre’s progress as the organisation creates a piece to address the growing problem of electronic waste, especially from discarded toxic cell phone parts, and tries to offer solutions. It also shows Padmini’s commitment to supporting traditional string puppetry artists in her region, with footage of the these puppeteers in performance.

Our passion for storytelling is reflected in our work, along with our interest in exploring world cultures, values, issues and situations of which we often may have no prior experience. We hope that you enjoy following Padmini’s journey and, if you have a story to tell, do get in touch!

In the meantime, here is a link to the trailer.

A percentage of any monies earned will be donated to further support the educational work of Sphoorthi Theatre. You can find out more about Padmini and her organisation here, as well as make your own donation directly, should you wish to do so.