Branded content

Content marketing and social media are becoming more and more essential to business development and, there are many benefits to branded content, both for consumers and brands.

For marketers, quality content is extremely sharable through social media and can spread quickly. If you’re a consumer, content marketing can be informative, entertaining, and inspiring.

New trends are emerging where customers expect more from a brand. Consumers are spending more and more of their time researching a product and looking for the answers which respond to their social and environmental values, as well as the functionality of the product or service. Branded video content can create a greater understanding of your brand, lead to an outstanding reputation over and above your competitors and achieve a direct response from your audience.

We help nurture your brand by clearly communicating what you do and what you offer, thereby creating greater visibility and increased awareness. What are your brand ethics and, how do you communicate them?

A brand that is seen to be investing back into society, creating shared value, is the one that stands above the rest.

We produce short animation films for your website and social media, telling stories that will make a positive difference to your business or organisation.

Want to reach a wider audience? Our background in television enables us to offer a bespoke service at competitive prices, getting your brand story in front of millions of viewers.

Then, when you have engaged in deeper dialogue with your consumers, let us bring your brand to life and turn your corporate video into a short documentary series.

Examples of our Work

Brand Values – Co-operation

There are times when you feel like the small fish in a big pond.

Brand Values – Making A Difference

Our core purpose is to make a difference. We love to delve deeper into your organisation, drawing out key messages to strategically plan a unique video series, just for you.

Ident for St. Albans International Film Festival 2014

Hart In Media were commissioned to create the new ident for the 2014 Film Festival, displayed at each category screening and Luton Airport.

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