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Victoria follows the challenges a former sea merchant faces in forsaking his well paying career to re-establish Myanmar marionette theatre.

U Htwe dreams of reviving this ancient art in order to create new time-relevant plays for community education and cultural exchange.

This 30 minute documentary film follows the challenges U Htwe faces and gives an insight into Myanmar culture and traditional Myanmar marionette theatre, introducing some great masters, along with the skills of the puppet maker and commentary from Ma Thanegi, Author of Myanmar Marionettes (March 2008) and former assistant to politician Aung San Suu Kyi.


The film demonstrates how many of us are seeking new ways to live our passion, often forsaking material wealth in order to make a difference. This is a story of one brave man’s self belief and determination to fulfill his dream.

With Myanmar becoming a new destination for tourism, an insight into it’s culture will help to understand and empathise with this fascinating and mysterious country, and it’s people.

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