Social Media Content

Creating video content for your website and social media is what we love to do and, provides you with a cost effective marketing tool.

First, you need a strategy to identify the audience for whom you are creating this video content and what that content will be – We can help you make these key decisions.

Short form content for social media not only maximises on your video marketing budget but, provides you with reusable, engaging content that your audience can follow, share and get involved! Creating longer form content for YouTube gives audiences a deeper insight into your business or organisation. Compliment these with 20-30 second teasers for your social network for effective product or service-focused campaigns, with a call to action.

The teaser clips are added to your social media channels over time to raise awareness for the big reveal. Each clip shows key aspects of the video or message that is being portrayed, giving you greater opportunity for engaging in conversation with online influencers who will share it with their own social network and raise your profile and online visibility.

Ask us about cinemagraphs, personalising your videos, or about creating graphics and illustrations to give viewers an even more unique experience – other great ways to engage your audiences with your brand.

Once you have your video series, you will need to decide where and when it will be uploaded. Ask how we can help with your video marketing strategy.

Interested in finding out more how we can help with your social media content? Call us now on +44 (0) 207 871 3641 or fill out our Enquiry Form here. We will be delighted to help.



Teaser 1 – Kick start!

This teaser would kick off the campaign.

Teaser 2

Three weeks before launch

Teaser 3

Two weeks before launch

Teaser 4

One week before launch

Teaser 5

3 days before launch

Teaser 6

2 days before launch

Teaser 7

Day before launch

Teaser 8 – Launch Day

This would be the final clip on launch day!