Project Description


The Paediatric Diabetes department at The Hillingdon Hospital NHS wanted to make an hour-long film about what it’s like to be a child or young person living with Type 1 Diabetes. The target audience was Schools, Parents and Patients, with an emphasis on empowering the child or young person to better manage their condition.

We won the tender by pitching an idea for a series of short films which will look at some of the key challenges a child or young person with diabetes might face during their adolescent years. Without an engaging participant or story to tell, we felt short films would better communicate each key message concisely and be easier to share across their social network with colleagues, patients and their families, along with local schools.


FRED (Food, Relationships, Exercise, Diabetes) is a unique one-day workshop where the team educate and support families of children and young people with Type 1 Diabetes. The team includes the Clinical Psychologist, Paediatric Diabetes Dietitian and some of the nurses. The aim of the workshop is to reassure parents, gather insights and provide an opportunity for families to meet other families and support each other as they go through the same experience.

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Client says…

We are super-happy and delighted with the results

CYPD Team, The Hillingdon Hospital NHS

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