About Hart In Media

What We Do

We are a strategic, creative and innovative media production agency, producing work that is of television quality for a digital audience.

We use our insight to capture the essence of your organisation.

We nurture you throughout the process to ensure we take the essence into production.

We empower you to make your audience care about what you do and make the most of our content.

We value authenticity to capture your essence, we are always genuine and truthful in everything we do.

We have vision, always having a higher purpose that drives our ideas.

We demonstrate empathy and believe in your organisation, immersing ourselves fully to capture its essence.

Hart In Media is the video partner that creates value by giving ethical client-focussed organisations, genuine long-term meaningful content that shows the world what you do and how you do it.

Natural storytellers, we show real insight into your organisation through intimate visual imagery and compelling dialogue and, our experience working globally across diverse cultures and nationalities, ensures that we understand and take into account the impact on all stakeholders.

We have a strong television background and pride ourselves in bringing television quality to a digital audience by delivering precise visual content that can be flexible across different platforms and formats. Our team is highly experienced and brings an in-depth knowledge of industry and processes.

We are proud of the projects we work on and specialise in delivering visually engaging, thought-provoking content that clearly communicates our clients’ brand values, products or services and, approach to business.

Why brand values? We believe values provide a sense of authenticity and identity that enables customer choice. A brand that is seen to be investing back into society, creating shared value, is the one that stands above the rest.

We value:

  • Authenticity – there’s no hard sell, it’s about being true to who you are
  • Empathy – we believe in your organisation so work with you and immerse ourselves fully so we can reflect and represent the experience
  • Vision – we will help you understand there’s always a higher purpose that drives our ideas

And, we’re a business that believes in giving back, producing documentaries to support positive social change.

We offer added value and competitive pricing, holding ourselves accountable to our partners, clients and team by honouring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality work.

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