Today, I’m discussing why social responsibility is vital to long-term successful business sustainability.

My hero, David Attenborough, has repeatedly asked us to take responsibility for climate change. He once said,

“Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics”

Perhaps now there is at least a climate of hope.

After the broadcast screening of his documentary Climate Change: The Facts, combined with a recent visit to Parliament by teenage activist Greta Thunberg and 11 days of protest in London by environmental group Extinction Rebellion, UK Parliament have finally declared a national Environment and Climate Emergency.

The Natural World is our sole source of energy

The Natural World provides our main sources of energy – the sun, wind, water and earth. Our Earth Mother provides everything we humans need to survive and thrive: food, water, medicine, materials for shelter, and even natural cycles, such as; climate and nutrients. David Attenborough has shown us how animals understand and value the natural world, so why can’t we? Nature provides all of this free-of-charge and, without her, it is inevitable we will self-destruct, we will destroy our own species, our very selves.

Why social responsibility matters

Social responsibility matters because when we put social value ethics and impact strategies at the heart of our business, we achieve long-term value; financial, competitive and consumer, as well as attract, retain and develop the best talent. It can be an enjoyable and effective way to turn a business into a profitable force for positive change; benefitting society, the economy and the environment.

When our business values social responsibility, our business is valued. People start to see us actively creating healthy communities and a healthy environment, which ultimately builds trust and growth in our relationships.

It’s not about waiting for someone, somewhere to somehow fix the problem, but stepping up and participating in our local community. The knock-on effect is truly amazing as it expands both our organisations awareness and ours.

It’s a great shame that it takes a national declaration of an Environment and Climate Emergency for us to think about the consequences of our actions, but it will be a catastrophic shame if we don’t act now towards a more sustainable future. Our social responsibility is vital to long-term successful business sustainability.

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