Why is it important to get clear on what your organisation stands for?

Because, if you had a choice to buy from an organisation that stands for something meaningful or one that is purely about making a profit, which one would you go for? The one that cares about its community, supports charities or social causes, or the other one?

Most would choose the organisation that supports good causes. The public increasingly expect brands to have as ‘good’ a purpose as their product or service so, if you’re not clear what your business stands for and demonstrating your purpose, you might be losing business to your competition. When the public think of a brand, they think about what it stands for. Why you exist is what makes them care. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Our founder, Victoria, actively plays a role in her community and this higher purpose drives our vision for our brand as well as those we work with. She is a volunteer media officer for her local Parkinson’s group and actively participates in gathering local stories that help others better understand the condition, as well as making those with the condition feel heard. She is involved with the Homeless Warriors, a local CIC actively helping to clothe and feed homeless people and will be volunteering with them on Christmas Eve. She is a member of Link 4 Growth, a community network group providing natural and invaluable personal support that is more than simply selling to each other. More recently she has been selected to join the committee and help with PR and Communications for One Vision, created to bring together all the beliefs, cultures, smaller charities, non profit organisations in Watford by pulling together, sharing resources and skills.

This is not about blowing our own trumpet but to demonstrate that each of these reflects our brand values; authenticity, vision and empathy; the impact we want to have – to shape a new generation of people who make conscious informed choices – and these values ooze from every interaction we have. Defining and communicating your values helps people feel connected to your organisation.

So how do you become known as a brand that does ‘good’ in the world? By telling your story and showing them what you’re doing using dynamic, long-term meaningful content on your website and across your social network. We use our insight to capture the very heart in your organisation by creating compelling content which makes people think, feel and act in the best interest of your cause.

Whatever type of organisation you are, it’s important to get clear on the impact you want to have and what your organisation stands for. This is not only good for business, but it is also good for whatever cause, social or environmental issues you decide to tackle.

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