When you want to build and maintain relationships with social media content, how do you do it? Of course we can share posts or comment on others, or even try our hand at creating our own media content, but creating memorable experiences or random acts of kindness are the ones that stand out most.

It’s true that people retain more information about your product or service through visually engaging content rather than simply reading about it. And, that applies to media content too. A personal message communicated from your laptop or phone has its place but if you really want them to remember and act on what you are saying, using highly visual imagery makes your information memorable.

With 80% of all web traffic predicted to be media content by 2021, you will want to catch attention quickly. Bear in mind that most people will be watching from their phone or tablet so, the power of an animated GIF means they are more likely to engage.

The benefits of GIFs for brands

This animated format has many advantages providing a low-cost opportunity to educate, explain, inspire or promote your brand with relevant content, which captures attention at the heart of the message.

  • GIFs are highly visual, which makes them memorable and can capture a younger audience
  • They are much cooler than static images and easier to implement than film or animation
  • A GIF gives you the ability to humanise your brand and showcase your personality and humour
  • It creates an emotional response that makes people want to share them, giving you extra online exposure and potential to go viral
  • GIF’s can be used to build stories around your brand or through creative campaigns
  • They can easily be added to your email signature to boost engagement
  • They prompt brands to think outside the box

Build and maintain relationships with a memorable GIF (and/or gift!)

To illustrate this, Hart In Media are giving away a FREE GIF in our COMPETITION. Find LOLA on our website and receive a FREE animated gif for your social network. She is hiding somewhere within our website, so keep your eyes peeled!

As soon as you discover her, email us with the page you found her on and title it ‘FREE GIF’:
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