We are currently putting the finishing touches to a series of short films for The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Our work to date has had very good feedback, “Wow! We’re super happy with our new videos!”

The Trust had won a grant for their innovative idea of bringing the clinic to their local schools in order to minimise disruption to both school children and for parents having to take time out of work. We won the tender by pitching a themed series of short films which look at a variety of challenges a child or young person might face when living with Type 1 Diabetes. The purpose of each film was to both empower the child or young person, as well as their parents, peers and teachers with insights on how best to support them through their school years.

Here are a couple of tasters of the videos we have produced:

Paediatric Diabetes Annual Review Process
Carbohydrate Counting in Schools for Children with Diabetes

The reason they work is simple. Viewers retain 95% more of what they see than what they read, making video the most effective way to get key messages across that are memorable & actionable. Humans are emotional beings. We are far more engaged by storytelling than a list of facts – authentic storytelling creates an emotion that prompts viewers to act.

Here’s why it works:

It’s Memorable
Authentic storytelling has the power to make deep connections. These deep connections make it hard for viewers to forget a message.

It Creates Positive Associations
Linking feel-good emotions to your content through storytelling creates positive associations to your organisation or brand. It works because storytelling gives you the ability to link memorable images with the objectives of your campaign.

It Appeals to Emotion, Not Reason
Simply writing about a product or service isn’t enough anymore. You need to give your audience an experience. Creating an experience is easy with authentic storytelling. When you appeal to emotion, instead of reason.

Why not get in touch to find out more and how we can help you put the WOW into your videos?