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Day 8 – The Love-ly Krishna!

We’re loving the relaxed Indian lifestyle with the 11am starts! We met Padmini and two of the candidates Pramathi and Bheema at the theatre office.  The others arrived shortly afterwards, along with Krishna who runs an NGO ‘HARD’ (Human Action for Rural Development). He is the team leader for the Nokia ‘Create To Inspire’ campaign, and like the meaning of his name, a lovely man with a can-do attitude! We will be spending more time with him as we follow the progress of the campaign with the final performances to the public to be made later in the year.

Today, however, the candidates were starting to design shadow puppets, which will be used in a performance they will make to two University’s over the next two weeks. Many had never seen a puppet show before and soon fell in love with all aspects of the art – storytelling, music, costume and set design. They were keen to demonstrate how puppetry can be used to address many issues and wanted to look at women’s role in the community.

They have chosen to depict the story of Draupadi, taken from the ancient texts of the Maharbharata.

“Draupadi was the daughter of a King and devotee of Lord Krishna, the god of love. When her husband lost at a game of dice, he bet Draupadi, his wife, in a final bid to win, and lost her too. Summoned and dragged by her hair by the man who now owned her she begged and pleaded with her husband and family to help her, but they were unable to, as they had also lost themselves in the dice game. Her new ‘owner’ then tried to strip her of her clothes for everyone to see. Helpless, Draupadi prayed to the god, Krishna. To everyone’s amazement, though he kept pulling the sari, it would not end. In this way Krishna saved the honour of his devotee”.

The afternoon was spent discussing the weeks shoot with Padmini and Krishna, who is very well connected and an excellent man to know in India! Things seem to be really picking up now we’re in Hyderabad, a few things still need to be organised, so watch this space…

On a separate note, we have received endorsement from UNIMA-US. Hurrah!


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