Video Marketing

Video and video marketing has become an integral part of the online world.

We can reduce the time taken by hosting the videos for you and working with you to deliver a strategic video marketing plan, optimising and analysing your videos for easy discovery on the web and across social media, adding value and commitment to creating brand advocates. We make it easy to customise, publish, and track your videos online, with post-play calls to action.

We will centrally manage your growing library of video and publish to all your social networks with just a few clicks through integrations with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. But, how do you get them to watch? With a great splash screen image or thumbnail.

Video intelligence will make sure that every future project is even more powerful, more impactful, and more inspired than before. We will help you to understand how your videos are performing; when people are dropping off and what parts they are re-watching, so that you can make any necessary tweaks and gain insights for future content. You can even edit and reuse good videos, instead of starting over. Hosting your videos on one central Video Management Platform enables you to gather cross-platform analytics, making it a much simpler process.

Now that you have decided these aspects, it’s time to plan your Video shoot.

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